Getting Python Libraries Installed The Normal Way on Windows

I’ve been using GNU/Linux distributions for almost 2 years and with Fedora for about ~7-8 months.

Every single day I do some experiments with python, and every single time it makes me feel comfortable using Fedora to write scripts. It removes headaches from happening because I don’t have to figure out ways to install python libraries you need. I can just go forward with concentrating on coding.

There’s a little script I wrote called; ucti-timetable. It’s used to download timetables from my university and store them locally. But since a large user base from my university are windows users, I had to make it work on windows as well. Well, to be honest it works, but only one thing:


It’s so painful to install a python library on windows. It fails most of the time…why is that?, you ask me..

Well, it’s because the python executable path is not in your $PATH. dafuq, right? So, yeah, this is how you do it (based on Windows 7):

Right click -> My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced tab ->Environment Variables -> System Variables

after that find PATH and append this or equivalent (depending on where your python gets installed): C:\Python27\

Only after you do this you could install BeautifulSoup the “normal” way

python install

Insane, right?

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