World of Warcraft on Fedora 20 via wine

Install wine:

    # sudo yum install wine

Download World of Warcraft Setup Installer from

Run the installer with wine:

    # cd ~/Downloads/
    # wine World-of-Warcraft-Setup-enGB.exe

After the installation completes, it will ask you to login to your Battlenet Account. Instead, quit the application. Then tell it to use software rendered OpenGL by executing (it has a bug where the interface is just black canvas on some intel cards):

    % wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/\ Launcher.exe

Battlenet actually allows you to play even though it hasn’t finished downloading if it has reached a certain downloaded size. Either wait to finish or open the game. When you run it the first time it will take a while and FPS is not that great. Quit the game. Modify SET gxApi “D3D9” to SET gxApi “Opengl” in the following file:

    $ ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/World\ of\ Warcraft/WTF/

After that your game should work in decent FPS.


  • Have not tried the gameplay yet, since my subscription expired. :-(
  • Fedora 20 running on a 13", 2.8Ghz retina macbookpro, 2013 edition.


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