Setting up searx with gunicorn and supervisor

Steps to get searx (a privacy-respecting metasearch engine) working with gunicorn and supervisord

Introduction to Grok web application framework @ UCTI

Hey folks, we, the Fedora Malaysia community in conjunction with UCTI Free & Open Source Software SIG, have planned for an introductory workshop on Grok, a web application framework. It uses the Zope Toolkit (ZTK). This session is aimed towards finding more python as well as zope/plone/FOSS developers in Malaysia. The session is mentored by our very own Fedora Ambassador, Izhar a.k.a KageSenshi, who works at a local Plone support and service company called Inigo Consulting.

Getting Python Libraries Installed The Normal Way on Windows

I’ve been using GNU/Linux distributions for almost 2 years and with Fedora for about ~7-8 months. Every single day I do some experiments with python, and every single time it makes me feel comfortable using Fedora to write scripts. It removes headaches from happening because I don’t have to figure out ways to install python libraries you need. I can just go forward with concentrating on coding. There’s a little script I wrote called; ucti-timetable.