Running GUI apps from Fedora Docker containers

After reading Jessie Frazelle’s Docker Containers on the Desktop post I was quite interested in making some Fedora image based docker containers for some apps I want to use.

Fedora 21 Workstation HiDPI on retina macbook pro

Configuration options to get some third-party apps working nicely with HiDPI on Fedora 21

World of Warcraft on Fedora 20 via wine

Install steps to get World of Warcraft on Fedora 20 working via wine.

Compiling Voxelands on Mac OSX

Steps to get Voxelands - the Fun-Focused Free Software Voxel World Game; working on Mac OS X

Setting up searx with gunicorn and supervisor

Steps to get searx (a privacy-respecting metasearch engine) working with gunicorn and supervisord

Community-ness in Malaysia at its last breath?

It has been almost close to 5 years that I have set my foot on the Malaysian soil. Came over to Malaysia in July, 2009 with the aim of studying a bachelor, and now that I have completed, the journey in Malaysia is almost coming to an end in 2 months. I have moved around quite a bit, so, it’s pretty easy to not give much thoughts when leaving. But Malaysia is one which I spent the better half of my teenage years, and the one where I got into free & open source software (more of the ideology and appreciation, than contributing) and volunteering at events.

[Nullcon HackIM 2014] Forensics 2 Writeup

Points: 200 Description: There was a zip file on the desktop. I can’t remember the password for it. We¬†saw a zip file named: “null” on the desktop. When opened, there are 2 files which are encrypted. So it was clear that we needed to crack the zip. First we looked at some hints from the challenge creator ;) #Hint for FOR2 "User was too dumb to store the password in the protected zip file itself" #HackIM #ForensicChallenge @nullcon @null0x00

[Nullcon HackIM 2014] Forensics 5 Writeup

I play security competitions called Capture The Flag (CTF) with a group called Glider Swirley Points: 500 Description: The client says that the system was compromise. There was no evidence found for the same. The client claims that some anti-forensics tool was used to remove the evidences. Our investigator agrees to it. Can you find out what was the command that was executed and at what time it was done?

Zeromutarts CTF Crypto Challenges

The magic of rsa (100) You were able to hear some whispering on the last crypto party! whisper $d$ is 35181901. Keep it secret or we are doomed! We were given 2 files for the challenge. 1) #!/usr/bin/env python import sys n= 65354147 e = 13 d = ?? f = open( sys.argv[1] , "r" ) for line in f: line = int(line.strip()) # you’ll have to insert the decrypt function for each line(number) here!

Analysis of iWebSpace Android Application

If you follow me enough on twitter (@mavjs), read my home page or follows my Fedora Ambassador wiki page, you’ll probably know that I study at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia. This is my account of the n00b analysis done in my free time on the university’s android application. iWebSpace android application is, as quoted from its non-working Google Play page, “The Asia Pacific University APP provides convenient access to important information and to most of our services in your hand” - pretty cool and convenient for most students.